"Eloise Knaap is one of the best developing artists in the world of fantasy and action-horror. She manages to capture both realism as well as otherworldly qualities in her work--and that's as good as gold in publishing." - C.T. Phipps, author of Esoterrorism


"I'm an author who has been traditionally published by publishers both large and small, but wanted to do a solo self-publishing project. Eloise Knapp supported the development of this project with a stunning cover design. She brought an immediate understanding of publishing, such as the need for the cover to look good both visually large and small. She produced quality work and accepted client direction in a working relationship that was open, professional and helpful. The price was extremely economical, with no hidden fees--in fact, Eloise figured out a way to save me stock photo costs. The final product is stunning; the cover has received a lot of compliments and, I believe, contributed to good sales. One may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but it certain helps to have a great one! I'm happy to recommend Eloise is a go-to resource for publishers and authors looking for professional, high-quality, economical art design." 

- Craig DiLouie, author of SUFFER THE CHILDREN

"I was pleased with Eloise Knapp's professionalism. She listens to the client's needs, always delivers on time, and goes above and beyond to create her client's vision. She is fast, friendly, and affordable. I highly recommend her." 

- Timothy W. Long, author of the Z-RISEN series

"Ask and you shall receive. Eloise Knapp delivers exactly what I want each and every time, from book covers to posters. She is amazing. Not only is she talented, she is efficient and fast. Her covers are gripping, professional and the best ‘first’ line of sales for any author. They are attention grabbers. I like that she has the ability to ‘grasp’ what I see as an author and I look forward to working with her on many more. It is my hope, that when I become super successful, that I can have her redo all of my covers. Which is a lot. Thanks El, for the great work."

- Jacqueline Druga, author of PROTOCOL ONE and CONTAGIOUS

"The setting for my novel is based where I live in the Midlands, UK, and this particular event occurred beside a tunnel on a disused railway track. I sent Eloise photos and descriptions and she sourced a location in the US that emulated the original UK location. She also picked out clothing to ensure that the model on the cover mirrors the principle character. Photos taken, Eloise designed the layout and font and sent me several different ideas to choose from. I could have picked any of them – they were all so professional. Many readers have commented on the excellent cover art for An Unfamiliar Murder and I’m sure Eloise’s design has intrigued and encouraged more interest. Eloise was a pleasure to work with and I would certainly recommend her work."

- Jane Isaac, author of AN UNFAMILIAR MURDER

"I felt very lucky to have Eloise J. Knapp design the cover for my novel, Nobody Wakes Up Pretty. She was very sensitive to my wishes, gracious about sending me mockups of alternative designs, even making excellent suggestions about text. As this was my tenth published book, I have a basis for comparison. Eloise was always accessible and responsive. It was a pleasure having her on the team.” 

- Diane Lefer, author of NOBODY WAKES UP PRETTY

"I didn’t know a lot about the process of making a book cover when I approached Eloise about making one for me .  I had seen examples of her work and was interested in a cover for my short story “Gugga”.  I didn’t give her much to work with as far as my own concept.  I think I just said I wanted a “lone zombie walking”.   Just a day or two later, Eloise sent me a mockup which was just perfect, and captured exactly what I was thinking yet couldn’t really express.  I absolutely loved it. Over the next few days she cleaned up the fonts and sharpened the image somewhat, but it was so good right off the bat that there wasn’t much that needed to be done.  I got a lot of awesome compliments (which rightfully belong to Eloise) on the cover and she gave me a very reasonable price.   I couldn’t be happier with the cover and I was truly amazed at Eloise’s ability to visualize and create something that had all basic elements I was thinking of yet added a level of sophistication that was unexpected.  She’s very good at this!" 

- Jonathan Lambert, author of GUGGA

"Eloise was a delight to work with and her vision is beyond compare. She has an uncanny knack for seeing beyond the limits of the author and showing the author what it is they truly desire for artwork. Her cover artwork for my novel, Dual Harvest, was beyond perfect and has been a stunning success at book events. Also, her promotional materials are above the norm, and there would never be any way of topping what she has already created. The magic she worked to create the bookmark has stunned readers and onlookers, and everyone has had to have one. I hope that I am lucky enough to work with her talent again in the near future." 

- Lori Michelle, author of DUAL HARVEST