Q: Do you resell premade covers?
Never! Once a cover is purchased, I will remove it from the premade section into the custom cover gallery for display. It will never be sold again. With a background in both traditional and self-publishing, I truly understand the importance of having a great, unique cover.

Q: How do I buy a premade cover?
First, fill out this form. After you email me, I will send you a low-res, watermarked proof of the cover with your author name and title, as well as any taglines you might want. Taglines are not guaranteed; some designs will not support them. However, I will do my best to accommodate your needs. Once you approve the design, you will sign my design contract, pay for the cover, and I will send you the high res final product.

Q: Where are the images coming from for these covers?
All images are royalty-free and sourced from Shutterstock.com. The typefaces I use are either 100% free or ones I have purchased for commercial use. The rights to these covers are good for unlimited unit sales on ebooks and up to 500k printed reproductions according to Shutterstock's Usage Limitations as of 5/1/2015. You may purchase unlimited (or an Enhanced License) for the images used in your cover at a price of $100 per image. This is only necessary if you know you will sell 500k printed copies.

Q: What if my title is shorter or longer than the title shown on the cover?
Naturally your book title and author name will be different lengths than what I have for an example. I will do my best to make your title length and author name fit and look good.

Q: What size do these covers come in?
All the covers are designed at 6x9 (an attractive ratio for Kindle covers) and 300 DPI.

Q: What's the deal with these? Why do you make them?
Premade covers provide me with an opportunity to continue honing my skills while still generating usable designs. Often, I will use photomanipulations I did for my own enjoyment and turn them into covers with hope they will find a good home with an author. I also want to provide fantastic designs at an affordable rate for indie authors who might have a smaller budget for their book.

Q: What if I need a jacket?
I can create a print jacket for you for a flat fee of $30 for any book cover and an extra 2 business day production time. You will need to have your trim size and spine width prepared. If you need help finding this information out, just let me know!

Q: I like a premade cover, but there are a few tweaks I might want made. Can you do that?
Any modifications to a premade cover will be charged by the hour at my standard design rate. If the tweaks are minor, I can squeeze them into the original cost. I offer some free editing options depending on the cover; be sure to hover over the full size image to see if any are available.